18 August 2009

Hello people! i've moved to

17 August 2009


Happy birthday to robin notiboy ! (;

Sometimes Somehow , i dont feel lyk meeting anyone anymore .
Either nt to talk anymore . I just wanna be alone .
&& to lock myself into a empty room .
I rly dk what to do .
Idk why will i feel lyk this .

G.Morning (; Now adays , i feel blogger is damn sucks ! Idk why , cant even post any pictures . Something's wrong w blogger ! It making me frustrated more . Ok well , i think i shall switch to onsugar or livejournal soon . Same goes to friendster . Keep showing 'Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage' follow by msn/hotmail . So tell me wth/f ?! Somemore the weather is damn hot damn f-c-u-k !! (anger) Seriously , im getting more & more hatred towards sun/sunlights ! I hate sun I hate during daylight - lights , really . Ok , shall nt mention about . Im sorry for ytd people who msg or talk to me . I was nt in the mood , so didnt reply . I dont feel lyk talking && faces anyone . Ps. Asap for kenneth bro , i did replied/msg him all the way till i fall asleep . (: yet now , we still continue messaging ==' LOLS . :D

Kelvin want me to help him to create a blog . :B but , it was totally sucks ! Previously or the last times , i do know how to . But , it seems lyk everythings which i have forgotten . Stm* ps. Anw , friends who know him . Please tag his blog . Thanks . {: http://kelvinczy.blogspot.com/

Qingmu didi - Get well soon ! (;
Kenneth bro - Cheerups ^^

Well , here came im helping damian to advertisement .
31st August, A Whooping Fever SCHOOL's OUT@PLAYCLUB


The Whooping Fever Party
“The School’s Out Edition”

Pun intended! It’s the H1N1 Season of The Whooping Fever and so as all schools have declared it, WE ARE DECLARING SCHOOL’S OUT AS WELL!

And so we, The Party Box Peeps are BACK on the eve of Teacher’s Day again!
To all you naughty students who’ve been giving your teachers a bad year, it’s time to show them some love!

Dress up in your school uniform and receive a flirtatious time in mini-detention in the priority queue with lashing lollipops thrown at you.

Get booked by our very own Discipline Mistress if you do not perform up to standards –winks-

Be prepared for a hellacious ass-whipping as you witness these hot voluptuous ladies oops, STUDENTS we mean shake their booty !

For the ladies keep those uniforms clean from drool as you brace yourselves for the various cute boys escaping from the Discipline Master!
Take your pick, make your choice as these sly but shy boys slither their way uncontrollably up to you!(Pick all, we say!)

No no, not 1, not 2 not 3, but 4 Head Prefects will be parading, watching out for you naughty kids on the prowl!

Catch The School Nerd, The Jock, The Monitor, The Punk, The Quirk, The Musician!
It’s a reunion I say!

With Dj Discipline and HOD MCee Fai to run the night, what, or who could cause mischief and take over this school !(or so we think.)

So come on down, run around, just like you students do it best!
Register yourselves early because school’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity !






went Simei General Hospital - SGH* again .....


15 August 2009


♥'Ahda bro - Arghs !! Ohmy , thanks alots mans ! ;D
Shijie bro - Get well soon ! (;
Yongkang br0 - Cheerups lahs !


13 August 2009



Goodmorning People (;
Well , am going to meet my classmates ltr again . :D
L-O-V-E , them so much !♥

Alright, shall stop here luh.
takecares peeps(!)

to be continue .....


Hellos peepos , am back ! (;
3pm meet alan , guolong laopa , weichiang && huiling deardear/laogong
at somewhr nearby my house of the busstop . After that ,
went to market to accompany them eat . .....
Meet ciwei at alan house voiddeck around 3pm plus , if im nt wrong .
.. 4/5pm plus , took bus80 to cityhall . ... Went marina.S to book tickets for
movie (Up *In 3D*) slacking at arcade ..... 7pm , went kfc for dinner .
After dinner , went for a slack . 9.20pm , catch a moive . ... After all , the moive
end at around 11.15pm . .. Cab home w huiling deardear/laogong .

Cheerups people !!

Alright, shall stop here fr my short post.


12 August 2009


I Love Challenging ! :D

Goodmorning People (; hmmm .. Last night was tgt conversation w guolong laopa , alan && weichiang bro in msn . (: ... Finally can get to msn w melvin erzi ! ;D (happy) i miss him so much ! He is lyk missing-in-action in a moment time or maybe sometimes ==' quite a strange of him . Hahaha. Well , while last night was on phone w zeke misses . His Manly ang mo voice ! ;DD muhahahas ^^ was quite hardly to communicate w him ); Cos' he is speaking in english , he nvr used to speak in chinese . Lols . Ok , i can speak both . But , most often i speak in chinese . Habit* I seldom speak in english . Ohs , so my english is getting worst plus sucks && broken english somemore ! Yet , i love fluent english . D: eversince 2007 yr' graduate frm secondary till now , i have forgotten so much words . Some english words i know/rmb , yet i forgotten so much ! ): ewww .. Well , some of my friends said that im ok or quite well speaking in english . But , they say is just that while im speaking in english lyk very anxious . So that i speak lyk half-half-half or full stop full stop in it . Ehs . I think the same toos . I think i need some tuitions for myself ? Maybe i need someone to tuition me ! Am i too lame or a quite lame in it ? Haas . I guess so .
Ok well , Genia && Genie ..... I have replied in genie msn . The instant msg . Please go to take a look . Hope after this all which i could explain to get well/recover in btw us . {:

Alright, shall stop here luh.
Ltr am gonna meet my classmate for thy dinner.
takecares peepos(!)

people change way too much too fast.....

to be continue.....

Ohmy , OMG alan ! ;D 1 - cutepost . 2 - he is going for hunt !! Hahaha.
=.=" the rest pic are so dots , lols .....

Hello People , am back ! Fk , 4pm plus was raining !
I hate raining during went out as in omw going out ! Damn it !
Somemore the weather is fking damn hot ! Cant even stand it !
I hate sweat lors . =( F-C-U-K_THE_W-E-A-T-H-E-R ! (unhappy)
Well , 5pm meet guolong laopa at bedok . After that ,
we took bus2 to simei ite to meet alan && weichiang bro .
Then we took bus2 back to bedok ==' Reaching*
Having our bubble tea && taking our own sweet time to walk to library to slack .
Finally , AIRCON ! Cool !! ;D LOLS . :D sometimes ,
i cant even stand them . They are so funny . Having so much
jokes . Haas . ..... 7.20pm around , went to kopitiam for our dinner .
8pm plus , went to ntuc for a walk . After all , went to slack somewhr around .
Waiting fr huiling deardear/laogong . .. While time is running up
to 10pm . Deardear reaching . So slacking awhile ltr , homesweethome . (:

Alrights ! (; shall stop right here luhs .
Nights ! Sweetdreams, w loves';D


11 August 2009


You spin my head right round, right round when you go down, when you downOh, I see.
I will wait.
&& try again & again.
Or maybe I won't.
I am not sure.
I am in two minds about this.
I think.

Goodmorning People ! (; ytd 4pm plus , xiaoen childhood playmate call me to have a smoke awhile w lydia , xnas(her darling) && one korean girl . (: Cool*

I getting restless now adays );
Well , ltr gonna went down simei genaral hospital ...
Follow by bugis .. Or maybe after that , raffles place ?
Shag ~ My hp prepaid is low . How how how ??
I miss msg w someone , yet i finally know/realised that i get a fool by last night .
Such a foolish i am ! && i swear this one last time i wont
fall into trip again , DUMBNESS !! (revenge)
Too bad , luckily i nvr get to fall too deep ! :D
&& Thanks for your sweet-talk .
Thanks for all of you hongster guys/boys , so much brilliant !
But sucks ! ;D Hahaha.

Hello People , just back on phone w zeke misses (;
Meet weichiang bro at aljunied mrt station by 5pm around .
So mrt down to simei of the genaral hospital .
After that , going to bugis . Was so f!king mans !
Got one lao-cb auntie bang until me so hard
&& nt even turn back to say a sorry .
Nb . Wth/f ?! I was so innocent get bang for reason !
Idk that lao-cb is purposely or nt ?
But , as i think is purposely .
If it an apology/apologise , it would be ok lahs !
But is just none ! So tell me wtf was it was ?!
If it was you ? Well , i shall stop mention about this .
It make me unhappy or anger again .
While was in the trian w bro chitchatting ,
reaching lavendar . Was so considence we met till
miss jacq ! ;D so both of us chat w her while next stop we
will be droping out at bugis station . .....
6pm plus , accompany bro eat his dinner . ...
7pm plus around , I Guess . Bro accompany me to
take bus80 home . .. Went sk awhile . Follow by accompany
weichiang bro to wait for his bus64 . (:

Alright, shall stop here le.


10 August 2009


Happy birthday to charmaine sweety ! (;

Seriously , idl/dosent lyks vulgar ! I hate it so much !!

Arghs !! Above of the group photo my face looks damn freakin' hell ! ):

Goodmorning people, the time now is 105am.
Am so tired. I think im getting insomnia.
Wanna sleep, but i just couldnt sleep );

6.40pm around , meet nicole mei at aljunied mrt station .
Tgt went marnia.S to find alan , guolong laopa && weichiang bro .
.. Accompany them slack at subway to wait for the time to 8pm .
Cos' alan && guolong laopa have a interview at k-box .
Awhile ltr , huiling deardear/laogong coming .
&& awhile ltr , while time is running up to 8pm .
Both of them , alan && guolong laopa went in . ...
=.= they interview lyk almost 30mins .
After finally they end thier interview .
So all the way we'r sitting at the subway chitchatting till
tims is running up to 10pm . LOLS . :D
We was lyk sitting there at the subway shop was about 1/2hrs' plus ,
if im nt wrong . After that , we walk to somewhr near to
the raffles place mrt of the old market/hawker there to eat .
..... While time is running up to 11pm , nicole mei cab home .
So , the five of us mrt home . Thanks alan to accompany me home . (:

To guosheng - idk whether if you happen to see my blog-post . i hope you dont mind . to mind us me , alan , guolong laopa , weichiang bro && huiling deardear to say you right just now . you say that you have some reason ? no ? i think all are just an excuses . all we are just saying , talking about , is for your own good . we worrying && caring about you . do you know ? otherwise , we wouldnt bother about eu . if others friends/people , they wont bother about whether you choose to be walking to the death rd rather than a good advise ? i wonder just now while i was on phone w you , did you hear me ? did you listen in ? i hope those words can get into your head to open your mind to think about it . thanks .

Alright, shall stop here le.

i just hoping one day i can be w someone who i love or somebody else to watch fireworks tgt .....

Another morning agian (;
Well , im so happy/glad for you both . While i read some fews sentence in your blog-post . I found both of you has changed pretty fast . Both of eu are changing in good ways . && learn so much new things in life . I love it so much . Seriously i love . && i miss , i miss the both of you right now . But the most in a previously that i miss alots , the moment we spent , we used to be closed , that we used to be had so much fun . Yet , now is gone . We'll nvr going to have those day again . Will we have those days back again ? I rmb the 1st time 1st met , both of eu give me the impression of bad . No , i was wrong . While i get to know the both of you . It wasnt . Both of you are quite friendly & much funny about for me . :D Im so happy && gladful to get to you all ..... But now , on that day . I came realised another part of us was gone . I found somethings it stranger && weird in btw us . Why ? Why would this be happened ? Do you know , it hurts me ? I was rly very upset about . I keep on asking myself why && why agian ...
Sigh );

When you'r weary, feeling small.
When tears are in your eyes, I will dry them all.
Im on your side. When times get rough.
&& friends just cant be found.
Like a bridge over troubled water
I will lay me down.
Like a bridge over troubled water
I will lay me down.

When you'r down & out.
When you'r on the street.
When evening falls so hard.
I will comfort you.
I'll take your part.
When darkness comes.
&& pains is all around,
Like a bridge over troubled water
I will lay me down.
Like a bridge over troubled water
I will lay me down.

Sail on silvergirl,
Sail on by.
Your time has come to shine.
All your dreams are on their way.
See how they shine.
If you need a friend
Im sailing right behind.
Like a bridge over troubled water
I will ease your mind.
Like a bridge over troubled water
I will ease your mind.

No matter what troubles up your mind. Or one day if you feels or needed someone to talk to. I will always be there for you. I willing to be a small lil' ears, if you need help. I will try to lead my best if able. Rmb, im here.{:
(come back to me)

All the best !


09 August 2009


Goodmorning People ! (; 7pm plus ytd meet nicole beloved mei , huiyee babe && one of her friend jonathan at cityhall station . .. 7.30pm around , meet weichiang bro at marina.S mac outside . Wtf ?! So much crowded people & is also a huge people squeezing around . Went out smoking tgt && was so concidence that we met till yaolong , weilun & his gf . Awhile ltr , went up to the foodcourt to accompany nicole mei , huiyee babe && jonathan for thier dinner . Actually , thought that im going to watch the fireworks . && yet , endup at foodcourt eating ); :(sad): ok well , is should be ok . After having thier dinner , tgt we went down of the mac outside the grass there to have our picnic ==' LOLS . :D ... Around 9pm plus , if im nt wrong . Ricky daddy coming along w his two friends . .... Was so concidence met till nelson bro ! ;D he is waiting for his gf alone . {: ..... Meet genia && genie awhile . ... 11pm plus , weichiang bro && jonathan accompany huiyee babe to wait for a cab . So i accompany nicole mei && two of her friends go boatquay the pub to have a drink . ............ While time is running up to 2am . Tgt cab home . (:

Alright, shall stop here le.
takecares peeps(!)

I was so upset, why? Friends are changing. Especially my loves' one . They'd changed so fast & alots. && thier nt the one that i know as we used/closed as before. I feel so stranger in btw us.. Please tell me wth happening? I wanna know. Cos' i'd still Cares', i wanna get back the past. But, i know is impossible..... (i rmb the time what we used to be had):